KN95 Respirator

Short Description:

Anti-dust, anti-virus, food processing,industrial protective, daily use

Soft Fabric

Non-woven fabric, moisture-proof breathable

Non-toxic, non-irritating soft comfortable

Product Detail

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  • Standard GB2626-2006
  • Filter efficiency >=95%
  • Totainward leakage <=11%
  • Inspiratory resistance <=350 Pa
  • Expiratory resistance <=250 Pa
Item KN95 Respirator
Style Earloop, Multi-layer design
Material pp non-woven, melt blown filter, soft cotton
Size 10.5×15.5cm or customized
Color White
Standard GB2626-2006/2019
Application Anti-dust, anti-virus, food processing,industrial protective, daily use, etc.
Packaging 5pcs per bale, 100pcs per box, 1000pcs/ctn
Certificate CE,FDA
MOQ 10000 PCS
Brand OEM acceptable
Capacity  500 thousand piecs daily 


Seamless fit Anti-fogging

Cartilage strip No gap, tight fit

Improve mask protection


Elastic earband

Soft and wide for comfortable ears

YANGTUO must be soberly aware that the products produced must be based on the principle of safety, serving the people as its own responsibility, in order to give full play to the enthusiasm of the company and strengthen cooperation. 

How to wear:

Put your fingers through the elastics. Nose bar should be found above. Place the mask on your nose and mouth.


Put the elastics on your ears. Pill the mask by its upper and ower edges to fully unfold it. That will ensure maximum face rotection and minimize the number of layers you need to breathe through.

Put on and form a stiffener above the bridge of the nose to minimize air leakage.

Take off the mask by grasping the elastics and pulling them off your ears. Do not touch the mask while removing-it amy contain germs. Dis pose mask after use. Wash your handscarefully.


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